Minor Script Updates & Bug Fixes

Beta v0.55.1


  • The game now creates quicksaves after certain cutscenes.

  • Added a new cutscene on the waterfall bridge when travelling to meet Satoru.

  • Added some new portraits for Kimothy and Karma.

  • Updated scripts for a few of the major cutscenes so they are more concise and clear.

  • Added a few new interactions around the city if you interact with objects again after meeting Kimothy.


  • Mirrored versions of songs no longer include “(Mirrored)” in the song name on the results screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a softlock that could happen during the tutorial cutscene.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the dialogue box to become invisible in very specific situations.

  • The Flexible Tunic chest is no longer mistakenly repeatable.

Menus and Mirrors Update

Beta v0.54.0

Menu: Icons & Descriptions

The menu now has icons for all items and abilities. We’ve also improved the descriptions on the right to make them more readable.


When you find items around the world, the dialogue will include the icon, so you know at a glance which slot you can equip it in.


The status page has been completely redesigned. It now lists all the abilities you have equipped so you can easily check what kit you have without needing to scroll through your equipment page.


Difficulty: Save Points

The option to change your difficulty setting has been removed from the menu and placed at save points. You can now only change your difficulty while at a save point. This was always the intended way to change difficulty, we only had it in the menu during early beta for easier testing.


Combat: Mirror Mode

When you get a random encounter, there’s now a 50% chance you’ll have a mirrored chart. This adds more variety to the encounters.


Additional Changes


  • The transition between maps is now smoother. You should always appear at the same relative spot when you transition between two maps.


  • Adjusted some of the menu colours to better accommodate for Protanopia, Deuteranopes & Tritanopes colour blindness.

  • The Data button has been removed from the menu.


  • The game now quicksaves after each successfully won battle. These quicksaves do not remain if you quit the game. They are used as “continue” points if you die before reaching a save point. You must still save at a savepoints to record your progress before quitting.

Notable Bugs & Adjustments

  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to sometimes move slightly at the end of a cutscene because they were finishing the movement that got interrupted.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the camera to wiggle when snapping back to the player after moving in a cutscene.

  • When clearing corruption, the music now fades back in instead of returning abruptly.

  • The player’s sprinting is now accounted for when determining the movement animation’s speed.

++ many minor bug fixes and adjustments.

Ranks, C-Mod & Map Updates

Beta v0.52.2

End Screen: Performance & Ranks

The combat end screen has had a huge reworking, now with animated performance bars and rank badge.

end screen.gif

While the end screen displayed a rank and score previously, they were all placeholder and didn’t actually function. Now each judgement has been assigned a score.

Miss: -50
Bad: -25
Okay: 50
Good: 70
Great: 85
Perfect: 100

Ranks are awarded based on your score, going from D, C, B, A, up to the prestigious S rank.

New Feature: C-Mod

Nocturne now fully supports C-Mod for note speed. This allows you to set a fixed BPM value for note speed so you’ll always experience the same note speed no matter what song you play. Switch between C-Mod and the default X-Mod in the Gameplay Options.


Maximum note speed has also been increased to 3x or 1000BPM.

Judgement Text: Timing

You can now toggle your Judgement Text to display “Early” or “Late” timing text instead of the default “Okay”, “Good”, etc.

You’ll still be scored exactly the same, this is purely an aesthetic change to help determine how your hits are timed.


Art Update: Corruption

The art for corruption has been completely recreated to look more unique.


World: Visual Polish

All maps have had another round of revision and polish. You’ll find many new animated objects, especially in the water. We’ve also added another chance to encounter the elusive Fox. The collision is still unfinished, so you’ll still find many objects you can walk through.


Additional Changes


  • Added a tutorial message system for keybindings which displays text in the top right corner of the screen during the early sections of the game.


  • The world now uses a newer layer system, fixing issues with layering appearing incorrect in certain places.

  • Updated map transitions to be smoother. The camera now stops moving as you approach a transition.

  • The player camera has been smoothed to help reduce motion sickness.

  • You can now run! Switch between “Hold” or “Toggle” modes in the Gameplay Options.

Notable Bugs & Adjustments

  • The latency calibration is now in the main options instead of within Audio, and the slider can now go between -150 and 150 with the center being 0.

  • Removed the test mine from the beginning of the latency test song.

  • Adjusted many cutscene character movements and positioning.

  • Updated credits and made it auto scroll and loop.

  • Updated the names and position of the settings within the options menu.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed the player to still win a battle if they died on the last attack.

  • Fixed an issue with some of the park layer triggers and elements being at the wrong Z position.

++ many minor bug fixes and adjustments.

Combat Update: New Encounters, New Difficulties, New Art, Protagonist Name

Beta v0.48.2

New Art: Sunset

This beautiful sunset has a parallax effect for a greater sense of scale. Now you can listen to Satoru’s wise words with a much nicer view.


New Encounter: Mantis

The mantis has powerful sythe-like arms which it uses to cut enemies. It’s mostly found in dense and overgrown forests.

Nocturne 2019.05.13 -

New Encounter: Scorpion

The scorpion has a devastating pincer than can crush enemies. The most aggressive of the crawlers you’ll encounter so far.

New Difficulties: Novice and Expert

When starting a new game you can now select from 5 difficulty settings. All the encounters in the game have unique charts for each difficulty.

Protagonists Name: Karma

You’ve always been able to name the Protagonist, but now they come with a default name; Karma.
The naming screen has also been upgraded to include on screen input.


Additional Changes

Music & Audio

  • Mantis and Scorpion have their own unique combat music.

  • Added new SFX for various interactions, such as: New Item, Gate Opening, Chest Opening, etc.

Cutscenes & Dialogue

  • Add new lines with Satoru.

  • Added animations for the Firefly attack in the cutscene when you first meet Kimothy.

  • NPCs now always face the player when interacting with them.


  • Updated column art to look even cooler.

  • Added support for 192nd interval notes (upgraded from 32nd).

  • Updated the restore animation to be more dynamic, allowing it to play during any of Karma’s sprite animations.

  • Additional spam prevention in combat to ensure that randomly mashing all the keys won’t be very useful.

  • The background in combat now moves faster or slower depending on the BPM of the song.

  • Creatures now attack more or less frequently depending on the difficulty setting.

  • “Bad” note judgements now do 50% less damage than a “Miss”.

  • Mines are technically in the game, but can only be found in the Latency Calibration Test Song right now.

  • Creatures are now contained in “Encounter Zones” which determine where you can encounter different creatures on the map.

  • Judgement text is now coloured for easier reading at a glance.

Notable Bugs & Adjustments

  • The version text now says “Beta” instead of “Early Beta Gameplay”.

  • Kimothy no longer breaks the 4th wall by asking you to set your difficulty.

++ many minor bug fixes and adjustments.

Satoru's Update: New Character, Location, Story, Gameplay & Art.

Beta v0.45.5

New Location: The Cliffs

North of the park, previously blocked from access, is now open. This location continues the story as you go to meet Kimothy’s friend, Satoru.


New Character: Satoru

Satoru is deeply knowledgeable, yet it’ll be harder than you expect to get the right answers from him.

New Story

Learn more about the world of Maya and take the next steps in your journey through the afterlife.


New Gameplay Mechanic: Silence

Mini-combat challenges where every note you play creates the next part of a melody.


New Art: Combat Animations

The main characters combat animations have been completely remade based on newer character designs.

combat animations.gif

Additional Changes

Music & Audio

  • Kimothy now has a theme song which plays during some of his cutscenes.

  • Re-balanced all audio levels in the game.


  • Added player animations for: Idle, Damage, Block, Evade, Death, Restore.

  • Added animations for when pieces of the health bar are removed.


  • Added another location where you can spot the fox.


  • Full keybindings are now available in the menu, instead of just the combat keys.

  • The fancy lighting can now be toggled on/off in the Video Settings menu. This was done to help low performance computers maintain a good framerate.

Notable Bugs & Adjustments

  • Fixed a timing related bug which caused the game to wait for 2.14 billion seconds (67 years) before continuing combat.

  • Updated small pieces of dialogue across many cutscenes.

  • You can no longer use modifiers when binding keys (such as Shift+A).

++ many minor bug fixes and adjustments.

Atmospheric Lighting & New Tutorial

Beta v0.39.2

Lighting & Particles

  • All maps now use a lighting system that provides atmosphere and texture to the environment.

  • Small particles now randomly fade in and out of existence, slowly moving around the map.

If you experience performance issues due to the lighting update,
please email your log file to support@pracystudios.com

Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Pracy Studios\Nocturne\Logs



  • Kimothy’s tutorial now has music and a beatmap.

  • Added attack animation for Kimothy.

  • The tutorial script has been completely rewritten.

  • Combat transition visuals have been improved and now have a sound effect.

  • The rhythm board has been recoloured to have red hitbars. This makes it much clearer to see when you are supposed to hit the notes.

  • The Firefly now has full combat animations.

  • The combat end screen now has some information about your performance.

  • Hold notes no longer count a judgement upon release. They do still miss if you release before the end.

  • Changed the calculation for random encounters so they occur slightly less often.


  • Latency calibrator is now more accurate and displays the same art as combat for consistency.

  • You can now play a Test Song in the Latency menu to quickly test your settings.

  • Completely reworked the Video Settings menu.

    • Resolution and Aspect Ratio options have been removed

    • The game now automatically letterboxes if you are not playing with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

    • When playing in Windowed Mode, you can now change the render scale.


  • Improved the 3D spacial audio system.

  • The sound effects master mixer now compresses the audio to a maximum volume that matches the volume set in the menu. This means that when multiple sound effects are playing together, they won’t exceed the maximum volume.

Notable Bugs & Adjustments

  • Fixed an oversight that allowed the player to play the game with the pause screen open.

  • Some minor script updates across the whole game.

  • You can no longer unlock the gate multiple times.

  • Lots of backend work on how items, cutscenes and maps are created and updated.

++ many minor bug fixes and adjustments.

Progression Bug Fixes

Beta v0.34.3

Last week when we simplified how the game registers progress, it caused a bug that would prevent the Welcome Center cutscene from triggering upon return. This small update fixes that bug, and a few extras.

  • Fixed an issue that caused key information to not be properly saved for the player, causing certain scenes to not properly trigger.

  • Fixed an issue where entering the City map would always spawn the player facing down with their eyes closed.

  • Fixed an issue where ambient audio and any other 3D sounds didn’t use their intended min and max distances.

Combat Transition Effect & Video Settings

Beta v0.34.2


  • Added the first version of a screen transition when combat begins. It still needs some polish and has no sound effect yet, but the basic idea is there. Tell us what you think!



  • Completely revamped the Video Settings page.

  • Removed resolution and aspect ratio options.

  • Added “Scale” option when the game is set to Windowed mode. This allows you to increase the scale of the pixel grid.

  • The game automatically letterboxes if your Fullscreen aspect ratio is not 16:9


  • Simplified how the game handles SFX & Music to prepare for mixing and balancing audio levels in future updates.

  • When returning to an area, it will remember which part of the background song it was at and continue playing from there. Quitting to the main menu and loading will still reset the background song to the start.

  • Continuous ambient sounds like the corruption or Firefly hover are now handled by a special ambiance script.

Notable Bugs & Adjustments

  • Simplified the way the game registers progress. For example, knowing when you have completed specific cutscenes or visited specific areas.

++ many minor bug fixes and adjustments.

Adding user requested features

Beta v0.33.1

Last week we released the 2nd phase of the Beta with a great response from the community. Thank you everyone who’s been providing feedback, suggesting features, discovering bugs or just enjoying the game!

This week we’ve been working on fixing many of the bugs that have been reported and adding features that have been requested directly by you.

Important: This update requires a save file wipe, but should be the last one for a very long time. Once the game is released we will never wipe saves.

Your keybindings now display on the corresponding column.

Your keybindings now display on the corresponding column.


  • The number below the player now says “Combo” before the value.

  • The amount of time between each random encounter has been increased slightly.

  • You can now use the Load Last Save from the game over screen.

  • Columns now display the keybinding for their column as part of the art. This supports most keys on your keyboard, including the arrow keys. We don’t yet support this feature for controllers or keys that have long names, eg: “Ctrl, Return, Backspace”.

  • Combat no longer begins immediately. The game now waits for the player to press a key before starting the encounter.

  • The game no longer waits awkwardly for 5 seconds after the end of an encounter.

  • Added an end screen after winning an encounter. It’s currently just placeholder text.

  • Unpausing during combat now gives the player a 3 second timer before resuming.


  • Moved the screen transition from the City to Park so the camera doesn’t need to go off center anymore.

  • Fixed the tree on the cliff in the Park map being incorrectly layered.

  • Gave the Fox a running animation so it no longer crab walks across the map.

Cutscenes & Dialogue

  • Smoothed the camera movement during cutscenes.

  • Small adjustments to some of the dialogue to be more concise.

Notable Bugs & Adjustments

  • Moved all the Dev Tool commands somewhere much harder to find ;)

  • The mouse cursor is no longer visible.

  • Updated the saving system making it easier for us to release updates to the game without needing to erase everyones’s save files. That being said, this update does require a save file wipe to upgrade to the new system. Moving forward, the need to erase saves during updates will become very rare. Once the game is finished we will never erase saves.

  • Made minor adjustments to cutscene movement in the hopes that it might fix the bug where your character slides around. Since we do not know how to reproduce this bug we’re not sure if it’s been fixed. Please email us with details if you still experience this bug in the new update.

  • While Nocturne does not officially support controllers yet, we made some minor adjustments to make movements smoother when using analogue sticks.

  • We now store a history of logs in the Nocturne folder to help with bug fixing. If you experience a major bug such as a soft/hard lock or a crash, please email your log file to us. Each log file is timestamped.

    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Pracy Studios\Nocturne\Logs

++ many minor bug fixes and adjustments.

Small Tweaks & Polish

Beta v0.32.3


  • Updated the Park tile map and collision around the pool of water.

Notable Bugs & Adjustments

  • Updated an issue that caused the stepping stones to be invisible.

  • Fixed a player collision issue that caused them to get stuck in some cases.

  • Fixed misplaced cliff and updated it's art.

  • Fixed misplaced note in Firefly Easy beatmap.

++ many minor bug fixes and adjustments.

City Map Improvements, Menu Features & New World Interactions

Beta v0.32.1

As we approach the 2nd Phase of Beta where we open up invites publicly, we’re temporarily feature locking the game so we can focus on bug fixing and polish for a week or two. Once the next wave of invites are done, we’ll wait for feedback and start working on the next set of content.


  • Updated collision in most areas.

  • The City map has been vastly improved around the cliff area and more trees & flora have been added.

  • Transitions between maps now save the players horizontal or vertical location (depending on the direction of the transition) so they appear in the correct relative location when appearing in the new map.

Cutscenes & Dialogue

  • Added many new dialogues to objects around the City map.

  • Added difficulty choices as part of a dialogue selection after the tutorial.


  • Added item descriptions to the inventory page.

  • Added descriptions for all key items.

  • Splash screen text has been updated to give permission for players to record and stream videos of Nocturne.

  • Added a controls screen upon starting a new game that lists the controls.

  • Items in the inventory page are now sorted by type first, then alphabetically.

  • Items in the equipment page are sorted alphabetically within each slot.

  • New items now have the text “new” displayed to indicate they are new.

Notable Bugs & Adjustments

  • Fixed a possible softlock in the Waiting Room.

  • Optimized audio load times by around 20%.

  • It’s no longer possible to obtain the item “nothing”.

  • Fixed a softlock that would occur if you died during combat, selected retry, then completed the song on the next attempt.

  • Getting below 50 health during the tutorial now heals you back to full.

++ many minor bug fixes and adjustments.

Beta Release: Tutorial & Park Map Update

Beta v0.31.0

This update added a tutorial for teaching players the main mechanics of combat. There’s no music for the tutorial yet, and the beatmaps are temporary, but the main flow of the tutorial is complete.

This version also moves us from Alpha to Beta as we invite our first few players to test the game. This shift signifies a change in the type of updates the game will receive moving forwards. We’ve mostly left the mechanical phase of development and are now focusing on additional content. More maps, more combat, more cutscenes!


  • Large improvements to the Park map that include more trees and flora.


  • Added lots of new sound effects.

  • Created a system for ambient sounds.


  • Battles can now have multiple beatmaps with dialogue between them.

  • Battles can repeat individual beatmaps if the player fails them.

  • Added a tutorial comprised of multiple beatmaps and dialogue that teaches the player the basic mechanics of combat.

  • Health is now fully recovered at the end of combat.

  • Added Easy Mode.

  • Removed the Beetle encounter.

  • Added the Firefly encounter with new music and beatmaps.

Cutscenes & Dialogue

  • Updated portraits for all characters.

  • Extended the Return to Welcome Center cutscene to add a sequence for opening the gate and giving the player a new item.

Notable Bugs & Adjustments

  • Adjusted the collision system, including updating the player’s collision box size.

++ many minor bug fixes and adjustments.

New Park Map, Opening Cutscene & Polish

Alpha v0.29.3

We updated the Park map substantially. There’s lots more to explore here now. It’s not final yet but it’s getting closer every update. The gameplay flow from start to end is getting pretty close to how it’ll be for the Beta, we’re just missing the finalized combat encounters for the City and Park areas, plus the finished Tutorial encounter.


  • Player movement speed has been increased from 1.25 to 1.5 pixels per frame.

  • Placeholder events in the Welcome Center hallway have been removed.

  • You can no longer re-enter the Welcome Center after leaving.

  • Updated the Park map to the latest design (still not final).

  • Added a save point near the Park bridge.

  • Updated the Angel’s sprite and animations.

  • Added new items to the Park map.

Cutscenes & Dialogue

  • Added the game’s opening cutscene.

  • Added expression portraits for all the characters (some still as draft versions).

  • The Welcome Center building now changes prior to the cutscene where you return there.

  • Recreated the Meeting Kimothy cutscene at a new location.

  • Added a few new cutscenes for attempting to enter Satoru’s area at different points in the story.

  • Added a new interaction for the bridge corruption.

  • Added an animated arrow to indicate when the dialogue line has ended and the player can progress.

  • Improved the readability of the dialogue fonts to prevent blurring.


  • Moved the combo text below the protagonist.

  • Added a number value for health below the health bar.

  • Added “Evade” mechanics which are now distinct from Blocking. Evade occurs when you hit all the notes prior to an attack. Blocking now only occurs when you reduce damage to zero as a result of an ability.

  • Added Kimothy’s sprite into the Tutorial battle and updated the related cutscene.

  • Removed XP and leveling from the game.

Music & Audio

  • Enabled the SFX slider.


  • Renamed “Cheat Menu” to “Debug Tools”.

  • Improved cutscene, item, song and character creation tools.

Notable Bugs & Adjustments

  • Fixed an issue that would always cause the game to soft-lock if the player walked around a specific area for over 27 hours.

  • Increased the base min/max time to encounter for each area from 5-20 up to 13-25 (seconds).

  • Fixed a physics bug that would cause the camera to stutter very slightly every 60 frames. This results in much smoother camera movement.

++ many minor bug fixes and adjustments.

New Map, New Art and Items in Chests

Alpha v0.27.2

We’ve finally replaced the city map with a new one that has all the layering and collision functional. This map contains lots of new art you’ve never seen before and we’ve started to put items in chests you can find around the map.


  • Updated the City map with a new layout. This map is still unfinished but takes one more step towards the final version.

  • Added full collision and layering to all tiles on the map.

  • Added chests around the map that contain items.

  • Save points now have art and glow upon approaching.

  • Adjusted the scale of some objects in the hospital to match the new player sprite.


  • Updated the flow for speaking to the Angel. If you already have the Bottle of Soda before starting a conversation they no longer ask you to get refreshments.


  • Added credits to the main menu.

Dev Tools

  • Created backend tooling to help quickly create pixel perfect collisions and add new maps.

  • Revamped how interactables are detected to be more efficient, flexible, and less error prone.

Functional Equipment, Passive & Active Combat Effects, SFX, New Sprites, New Cutscenes

Alpha v0.26.2


  • Added 12 new equipment to the game and removed all test equipment. You can obtain all the equipment by interacting (E) with the last door on the left of the waiting room.

  • Added 5 equipment effects which provide passive or active bonuses in combat. Each equipment in the game has a combination of raw stats and effects.

  • Added an active effect called “Delete” which can be activated in combat by pressing the Active Effect key (SPACE).

  • Drastically rebalanced all stats, equipment, damage and effects. Previous values were for testing. New values reflect the desired impact of everything moving forward.

  • Equipment now has full descriptions of their effects shown on the right hand side while hovering over the equipment in the equipment page.

Audio & Music

  • Added sound effects.

  • Sound effects have positional audio and dynamically adjust volume by player distance.

  • Sound effects can be randomly pitch shifted to add variation.


  • Updated Protagonist and Kimothy’s sprites to the new art style.

  • Added idle blinking animations to Protagonist and Kimothy’s sprite.

  • Footstep SFX are synced to the frames where the character steps on the ground and changes depending on which ground type they are walking on.


  • Added two new cutscenes: “Meeting Kimothy” and “Return to Welcome Center”.

  • Improved cutscenes to allow more flexibility in character and camera movement.

  • Improved dialogue boxes to allow for greater customization and to allow special features for specific characters. (Example: Kimothy is locked to only speaking in lowercase)

  • Increased the default size of character portraits to 64x64 (previously 32x32) and portraits can now change to show different emotions based on the dialogue text.


  • Added a combat log. A detailed report of each battle is now saved to a text file found in your Nocturne folder. C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Pracy Studios\Nocturne\Combat Logs

  • Attacks no longer occur at a fixed timing interval. They now occur after every X notes are played. X is determined by the enemies speed value.

  • Enemies always deal one final attack at the end of a song.

  • Added an early draft of the combat tutorial that happens during the Meeting Kimothy cutscene.


  • Upgraded Unity from 2017.4 to 2018.2

Notable Bugs & Adjustments

  • Fixed a bug which allowed the stretcher (the long middle section of a hold note) to move vertically up the screen.

  • Fixed the black vertical lines appearing while moving around outside.

Equipment, New Game Screen & Test Maps

Alpha v0.22.1

New Game

  • Updated the flow of starting a new game. Now the character naming screen is a separate menu and requires less button presses to navigate through.


  • Completely removed the talents system from the game and replaced it with an equipment system. This also includes the removal of Energy.

  • Added five test equipment items which can be automatically added to your inventory by talking to the last door on the left in the hospital waiting room.

  • Each item has a specific slot which it can be equipped in.

  • Added Armour to game, which reduces damage taken from attacks.

  • Equipment gives a bonus to health and armour, while also providing effects in combat.

  • Passive combat effects for items are currently not functional.

  • Items have tooltips but are currently not displayed in the menu yet.


  • Added the City Park map to the game. Like the previous map, this is a low quality version added so we can begin to script cutscenes and events while we wait for the final art to be completed.

New Battle, Auto Latency & Test Map.

Alpha v0.21.2


  • Added a new auto-calibration feature that gets the player to follow a series of instruction, then calculates the latency value automatically. You can still manually adjust the value after.


  • Added a new battle; the Beetle. This replaces the current random encounter song with something much shorter. The old mantis song can still be played by interacting with the top right door in the waiting room. You will need to enable random encounters to fight the beetle. First turn on debug mode with F1. Then in the menu you’ll see a “Cheat Menu” which allows you to enable random encounters.

  • The second door on the right in the waiting room now starts a metronome test combat.

  • The Combo text has been moved below the health bar and now just displays the current number.

  • The accuracy text now appears above each individual column. It displays the accuracy of the last note hit from that column, then floats upwards while fading out.

  • The accuracy text for “Perfect” has been changed to “Epic”.

  • Removed pixel perfect rounding on note positions. This prevents the notes from stuttering while traveling down the columns.

  • The note hit effect is now played at the end of a hold note.

  • Hold notes now snap to the hitbar while being played.

  • Improved the visuals of hold notes.

  • When a hold note is being played and the end reaches the hitbar, it will now automatically act as if the key was released.


  • Added a test map of the city area. You can access it through the door after the hallway. The map art is unfinished and has only been added so we can begin work on cutscenes and other features. There is no collision in this map.

Leveling, Character Status, New Font, Background Music & Analytics

Alpha 0.19.1


  • Implemented a background music system.

  • Anytime a gameplay scene is loaded, the game will try to play it’s theme.

  • When entering combat the music will fade out, then pause. When returning to gameplay, it will fade back in.

  • The “Music Volume” option in the Audio Settings menu now adjusts the background music volume


  • Set up Unity Analytics, allowing us to store data about events in the game. For example, we can track how much health players lose in specific fights, how often they die and what part of a song they die. This will make it easier to balance the game because we can detect where players are getting stuck.

  • Added “Play Time” to the player’s save data. Any time they are not in the main menu, this value adds each second that passes, including when in the pause menu.


  • Created the new “Softsquare” textmeshpro font, changed all text in the game to the new font, and adjusted some text to fix issues that arose from the change in font.


  • Each combat victory rewards 50 XP to the player. This includes glitches.

  • Once XP reaches the player’s level * 100, the player gains a level.

  • Max HP now starts at 100 and increases by 5 each time the player levels up.

  • The player now starts with 0 energy and is given 1 additional max energy each time they level up.


  • Created a Status page in the RPG menu

  • The player’s health is now displayed, both current and max with a horizontal health bar below it as a representation of the percentage.

  • The player’s level is now displayed with the player’s current XP progress just below. Including a bar which represents the percentage of the player’s progress towards the next level.

Notable Bugs & Adjustments

  • Reduced the frequency of random encounters.

  • Random battles are now disabled by default (temporarily).

  • Fixed a missing line change with sprite shaking and flashing that caused the player sprite to vanish to another position.

  • Added debug info about the next random encounter to the bottom left of gameplay when in debug mode. The 1st number is the current number seconds walked since the last encounter. The 2nd number is the number of seconds to walk before the next encounter will start. The 3rd and 4th numbers are the min and max values used to randomly generate the 2nd number.

  • Battles are now added to the number of battles done in an area even if random battles are disabled.

  • The player’s current HP is now part of the save file so that it’s saved between plays.

  • Retrying a battle now resets the player’s HP to what it was at the start of the battle.

++ many minor bugs and adjustments.

Opening Sequence & Random Encounters

Alpha 0.18.1

New Game

  • “New Game” in the main menu now opens a page where you can type your character’s name.

  • Dialogue said by the player character now shows the name they specified instead of “Protagonist”.

  • Added some text that appears at the start of a new game.


  • Updated dialogue with the angel, including dividing it into two scenes and requiring a bottle of soda to continue.

  • Updated various interaction dialogue.


  • “Bottle of Pop” is now “Bottle of Soda”.

Text Fields

  • Added Text Fields, which allows player typing and saves information typed for later use.

Random Encounters

  • Whenever the player is walking, the number of seconds that they are walking are recorded. Walking without changing position, such as when walking into a wall, is not counted towards this.

  • The Encounter manager has a list of each area in the game containing the name of each enemy that can be encountered in that area.

  • At the start of gameplay (and after each encounter) the game decides a random number of seconds of walking the player must do before an encounter starts. This number is set between a min and max.

  • Each encounter within the same area decreases the chance of another encounter in that area. So the longer the player remains in the same area, the less common encounters become.

  • Save data keeps track of how many encounters the player has had against each enemy. When a random encounter is selected it weights the enemy selection in favour of the least encountered enemies. This means players are more likely to experience a larger variety of enemies, instead of the same ones over and over.


  • Character health is no longer reset to full on start of combat. Health is now fully recovered when using save points.

  • Hold notes no longer miss if you keep holding down the key after the hold note ends.

  • The test combat song’s hard version no longer uses any experimental effects


  • Added a new menu button visible during debug mode called “Cheat Menu”. This opens up a sub menu where you can toggle god mode and random encounters on/off.

Notable Bugs & Adjustments

  • Fixed issue with the player sprite in combat being in the wrong position sometimes.

  • Fixed an issue where the player could start a new game without naming the protagonist.

  • Fixed issue with plant dialogue using the wrong name.

  • Fixed an issue where glitches would stay despite being beaten.

++ many minor bugs and adjustments.

Glitch Effects and Refactoring

Alpha 0.17.1

Most of this week involved refactoring, which is a programming speak for “we changed a bunch of old code to work better”.


  • Added column movement to the example glitch. This is the first of many effects that can occur during a glitch.


  • The core systems prefab now uses a simple script that activates it’s children only if necessary and destroys itself if a core system already exists. This removes the need for every script in the package all doing that function individually.

  • Drastically simplified scene transitions. With combat being part of the core systems and overlaying on normal gameplay, having multiple scenes open at once is never necessary.

  • Simplified song initialization.

  • The player is now created and removed from the game when necessary rather than just being in the scene by default.

  • The combat manager now handles all UI elements for combat instead of having a separate script for some elements.

  • Note positions in combat (and latency config) now use the current measure instead of approximate measure.

  • Toggling and moving columns in combat have been merged into one function.

  • Button groups now find their own canvas group if it exists.

  • Buttons now must have a button group and no longer have a static current button.

  • Cutscene camera movement has been simplified.

  • Simplified sections of the scripts for menu buttons, combat, combat notes/columns, the main game controller, the data system, debug objects, and more.

Notable Bugs & Adjustments

  • The end of a held note is no longer worth any points or counted towards combos. If you let go too early, it will still count as a miss. If you release at the proper time it will act as before, just without rewarding the player.

  • Held notes are now auto-released once they pass the strum bar.

  • Fixed some issues with notes not being reset properly upon quitting or retrying combat.

  • Fixed an issue with combat trying to continue attacks outside of combat if the player leaves combat just as an attack starts.

  • Columns now save their starting position and properly reset to it upon starting/retrying a song.

  • Fixed an issue that caused going back to the main menu to lock up the game if you hadn’t encountered any combat.

  • Fixed an issue with the combat game over screen where it was set to inactive (and thus unusable) at the start of combat.

  • Notes are now simply destroyed at the start of combat to ensure that no effects or art changes or anything from the previous song carry over. This should fix all errors with notes moving faster than they should, being too tall/repeating, etc.

  • Fixed issue where combat dialogue appeared on top of the combat pause menu and game over screen.

  • Fixed issue where combat became slow-mo. This was because a missed glitch note set the pitch to lower than 1.

  • Fixed an issue where saving would always set the saved scene as the main menu causing “Continue” to simply reload the main menu.

++ many minor bugs and adjustments.