Bugs Caused by Bugs

Nocturne is in alpha. That means it has lots of bugs. Though it also has giant bugs you fight, but those are different kinds of bugs. We call those ones Crawlers.

Recently we had a bug where the combat interface wasn’t unloading if you quit directly to the menu during a battle. This created an interesting effect when you load back into the game.

As the game becomes more mechanically complex, the increase in moving parts create more possible combinations of actions, and more exotic bugs. Luckily this one was easy to fix.

I’ll be sure to share the most interesting ones we find, and hopefully you’ll join us in the Closed Beta later this year to find some of your own. Just sign up to our mailing list and you’ll be the first to hear more.

- Pracy.

Creatures of the Afterlife

The digital afterlife has become corrupt after millennia of isolation. Once a beacon of light for humanity; it's become an incubator for our darkest fears.

What spawns from this darkness are known as Crawlers, twisted creatures that hunt human souls. Nobody yet knows their purpose or motive, but their presence has been growing rapidly.


- Pracy

The Next Chapter

I'm Benjamin Pracy, and this is the official development blog for Nocturne.

It's been two years since the proof-of-concept prototype was created. I'm now excited to announce the game began full time development in May 2018. Here's what to expect if you decide to follow this blog.

  • Details about the ongoing development of the game.
  • Screenshots and videos as we add new features.
  • Discussions about game design & storytelling.
  • Why I really like lowercase and you should too.
  • Bugs, glitches, crashes. It’s fun when things go wrong.
  • News about beta testing, demos and release dates.
  • Insight into the design process and reasons behind them.
  • Lots of bullet points.

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This blog is a continuation from the Robot Hat blog. All information from the Robot Hat blog is now considered outdated and is only linked to maintain a complete archive of Nocturne's development.

Glad to have you here!

 - Pracy