Nocturne Demo Beta: 1st Phase Begins Now

The Nocturne demo release is estimated for April 2019. Meanwhile you can participate in the Demo Beta and get access to an unfinished build of the Nocturne demo.

The Nocturne Demo Beta will happen in three phases.

1st Phase - Now
A small number of people will be randomly selected from a survey. Certain requirements must be met to be eligible. The survey begins now. Successful participants will be sent an email on Jan 5th.

2nd Phase - Jan 19th
Everyone who has entered their email into the mailing list on the website will be invited.

3rd Phase - Feb 2019
An open Beta, anyone can join at any time.

Demo Beta - 1st Phase Survey

If you’d like to participate in the 1st Phase, you must complete the survey.

Only a small number of people will be selected. If you successfully gain access to the 1st Phase, then you will be asked to record and privately upload a video of your first gameplay session of Nocturne.

Requirements for 1st Phase participation include the following.

  • Must be able to record the entire gameplay session.

  • Must have a microphone and be able to record live commentary of the gameplay session.

  • Must be able to edit the gameplay and commentary together.

  • Must be able to upload the completed video privately. (eg: unlisted youtube video)

Demo Beta - 2nd Phase Signup

If you’d like to participate in the 2nd Phase of the Demo Beta, then you must join the mailing list. Anyone who has already joined the mailing list is already signed up.

You can find a direct link to signup here.

Everyone who signs up will receive access via email on Jan 19th. You will be allowed to record and stream the game publicly during the 2nd Phase.